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Deborah Kerr








For the first half of my artistic life I created three-dimensional functional art. Making pieces with wood, metal and decorative finishes. Provincetown became home in 2000. Creatively I was still until 2007, when I took a painting class and I’ve been painting since. My fascination to the water and admiration for the working boats of Provincetown help fuel my work. Acrylic is my usual medium but will also use oil, encaustic and mixed mediums. Generally I don't set out with a specific image in mind, I allow images to evolve as I paint but boats are a large percentage of images I gravitate to. My hope is that people will find some calm or happiness in my work.

2016 Zume's Coffee House exhibit                    Charlestown,MA

2017 Zume's exhibit


Yearly Member Exhibits at PAAM

2017 Juried Members Show at PAAM

2018 PAAM Juried Members Exhibit

2019 PAAM Juried members Exhibit

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